Mare – Meta-Study:
Projects on (micro-) plastic waste in oceans (and inland waters)

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The Bremen Institute for Organization and Processes bifop is currently working on a study on projects which deal with the topic of (micro-) plastic waste in oceans (and inland waters) and their disposal.

The goal of this meta-study is to provide an overview of current projects, their goals and approaches to this topic. We would be delighted if you would take part in this meta-study with your project.

We would like to ask you to forward the link to this study to other projects, too.

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Question 3:
Are you working together with some NGOs, environmental protection organizations or research institutes?
Question 8:
What kind of idea does your project follow?
Question 10:
Do you also target on collecting/ cleaning microplastics?
Question 11:
In which area of the world is your project located?
Question 12:
Do you think results from your project could be used in other regions of the world?
Question 13:
Do you think your project could benefit from the results of projects in other regions of the world?

All data collected is collected and processed solely for the purpose of the study. After the study is finished, all data will be deleted.